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Vacuum Tubes ?

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I turned off my adblocker, and saw an ad at the Cafe for a render farm that boasts 'solid state servers'. Really ? Have they just switched over from vacuum tubes ?


I wonder what Cinebench scores you get with a couple of pentodes ...




for anyone under 40 - vacuum tubes solid-state



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That's funny, I use to be a regional VP at RS in the late 80s, specifically the business products division (the computer stores.). But I remember that the consumer stores had tubes, but could only buy them from the Soviet Union and East Germany.  There are still people put there that believe that tube sound systems are better because they do not have that digital hiss.  I can't hear it, but they say they do.

As far as the solid state servers, I would assume their SANs have SSDs.  I use SSDs as tier 1 storage on my SANs here.  VERY expensive; my two 3Pars cost over a million dollars because of the SSDs.  Not the same type used in a laptop or PC.  The SSDs in SANs are fiber from the controllers to the disks.  Pretty cool stuff.  Having said that, I'm not sure that the SSDs have any impact on the renders because it is more CPU/GPU based, so the disk activity would be minimal.  Sound more like marketing.

One question for bobc4d - did they still ask you for your phone number?!  That always drove people nuts.


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lopakam - no they did not ask for my number, I think the kid was too perplexed to remember to ask lol . when I was in USAF late 70-s through 90's we used to scoff at USSR jets having tubes (or so we were told) but then they would not be a susceptible to EMP as solid state. 

I don't have a dirty mind because I use Mental Floss.

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