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Select every other edge ?

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Yeah, if Vonc's SS ain't doing it, I don't know what else is...

But couldn't you just use that on the polygons, convert to edge selection, then ctrl / rectangle select to remove the unwanted edges ?



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40 minutes ago, C4DS said:

I will be uploading the plugin here shortly.

You are right on the case !! :) Useful indeed ! Thanks for sharing this.




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I want to reply afternoon with Daniel´s RingLoop plugin, but when read thread carefully, there was asked for "every other" edge, so remove my reply.. :)


Great job Daniel, thanks for this very helpful plugin.

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On 10/2/2018 at 10:52 PM, Fastbee said:

That looks great.  Can it be made to select every other polygon as well?

Sorry for the late reply, didn't notice a new post was made until today.


Unfortunately, since Ringloop is edge-based it does not work for polygons.

Since an edge has a "direction" it can be used to detect ring or loop. As polygons do miss this feature, it would be hard to find out in what direction you would want to ring or loop.

But I believe others have created plugins where you select polygons spaced apart. This then defines the direction for repetition, allowing to select every other polygon.


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