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After exporting to fbx tags switch place

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Hello everyone,


I ran into such a problem, when working on a rig -

There is simple IK setup for a foot. 2 joints have both IK tags and Constrain tags for upVectors. IK tag goes first and then goes Contastrain tag. Everything works fine.

When I try to export the scene to fbx format, after the export the tags switch places. So now Constrain tag is first and IK - second. And in this setup upVector doesn't work.

So it doesn't work correctly, when baked into fbx. Does anyone know why this happens and any way to avoid it?


Another variant I was thinking about is replacing the upVector constrain with xPresso, but can't get my head aroung it yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Scene file attached.


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That is a bug, please report it to MAXON. Tags shouldn't reorder upon export!

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