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Rebirth of DPIT Effex

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He-hey ! :) Thanks for the share... wonder what will happen to the free version, if it hasn't been pulled already :)



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if it hasn't been pulled already :)


It has been pulled already.

I am looking forward to learning what the future of X-particles brings. At the moment is not yet clear, how Effex will become part of X-particles, if some of its functionality will be integrated like it has happened with Xplosia before.


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That's awesome news. 

I was one of the early testers for effete, and while powerful it was frustratingly difficult to use even for a relatively advance user. 


Here's hoping we get the simple UI of x-particles to make full use of it. The liquids you could do with it were amazing, but again I found the messier overly complicated and very rarely could create the same simulation twice without having to research step by step again. 


These were some of the things I did with it back then. Even had a whole bunch of tutorials (until the framework of the plugin changed)









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