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Guest koffertje

Alpha texture problem

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Guest koffertje



im running into a problem. but i dont know how this problem is called.


I have this character with hair and i want to render it with a alpha channel. But im getting this strange white color also (from the planes that use the hair texture)

im not sure if it is a material problem or a lighting problem ( i tried turning make the render stettings as default as possible, turning of GI and rendering with "standard").

also did a default material with only a diffuse and a alpha layer. (also only selected the correct layer from the image within that channel).


somebody any clue? is it because that multiple planes overlapping each other?


thanks in advance.


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It looks like your alpha channel simply isn't working ! In the absence of the scene file can we at least see your alpha channel settings ?

Although multiple overlapping planes can cause problems, it doesn't usually cause THIS problem, which leads to me to believe it's not to do with that.



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