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How to reset Picture Viewer Layout ?

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Hi everyone

I was doing some stuff in the picture viewer and i must have somehow removed the part of the layout where the navigator, the histogram and the previous renders schould be because when i now render an image in the picture viewer these things are missing. I can only see the latest render and if i render a new image the previous one disappears. I have no idea how i can get the navigator, the histogram, the previous renders etc. back. I have included an image of how my picture viewer looks when i'm rendering something. 

note: i'm using the demo version of R19 so it would be great if there was a solution without having to restart the program.

Thanks in advance.

picture viewer.JPG

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Cerbera    1,976

Hey don't worry we can fix this :) See those little grey icons top right ? Click the first one of those (looks like a little book) and it should come back.

We don't need a reset layout for this because there is really only one layout thing you can change here, and we do it with that button !



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OlympicScorp    1
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  • Thanks alot Cerbera :). I tried every other button but must have missed that one.

    • Namaste 1

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