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Glass Fracture

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Hi all. I'm using voronoi fracture for the first time trying to simulate a shattering window and getting some unwanted effects. One issue I'm having is that the just as the fracture happens the pieces that are pushed outwards snap back to their original position 1 or 2 frames after they initially move. I have attached a scene file with cached dynamics. If you scrub through frame by frame you will see what I mean. The other issue is that after the surface smashes the pieces fall unnaturally quickly. Any help would be appreciated. 

shatter test 1.0.c4d.zip

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Talk me through what you are trying to do with those falloffs ? I mean I get that you're using them with glue, but they don't seem to be doing anything ? They are also inverted, which I am not sure they should be, depending on what you want to achieve here.. can you elaborate ? 



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