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Moving Objects Vertex to Vertex

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Hey y'all. I'm a beginner who has done most of my modeling in Rhino. This might be a simple question but I haven't been able to find a clear answer to:


How to move one object's corner to snap to another object's corner?


I have looked into arrange - aligning / centering but was wondering if there is a simpler method for this. Snapping seems to allow me to snap to various edges/ centers / faces of other objects from the center of the selected object but I would like to snap from edge to edge or corner to corner.


Thank you for your time! 


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Because all of Cinema's object transforms happen around the object axis, you just need to move that axis (axis mode) so it is on the corner you want to snap to of the object you will be moving. Then, once you turn snapping on (vertex, 3D) you will be able to drag that object over to the other one and align to specific points on it. Note: for this to work don't grab the individual axis handles to move it, as movement on just one axis cannot snap to a point if it's not precisely on that vector. Instead grab the object so that you have free movement in all directions, and then snapping can work properly.


So to move box 1's chosen point to Box 2's chosen point the stages would be:


  1. Make sure the source object (Box 1) is an editable poly so you can access the points... (Target object can remain parametric).
  2. Object 1, Axis mode, Vertex Snap on, click targeted point, which will move the object axis to it. Exit Axis Mode.
  3. Keeping vertex snapping on, and NOT using the axis handles, drag Object 1 over the selected point on Object 2, and it should snap to it as intended.


Watch that happening here...


We also have the slightly unintuitive and complicated Axis Extension, which aligns things in the same way when the objects concerned need to be aligned but remain some distance apart, which is ably explained by Cafe founder 3D Kiwi below...


Hope that helps



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  • Neat that does it thank you for the two solutions, super useful.

    If you want to keep Box 1 parametric [not editable] is there a way to move it? I found what works is that you duplicate the object before making it editable, link it as a child. Make the parent editable and change its axis - move it and delete the parent afterwards. Do you reckon there is a simpler solution to this?


    Thank you for your time and help.

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    Sometimes could be useful use just simple Null object.

    With snapping move empty Null object to position/point/edge what you want snap to other object. Then set this Null as parent of that object. Now when you move with Null object and with snapping align to second object. This way could be all objects parametric and you are able to align objects same way as polygonal meshes with adjusted axis...



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