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How specific can color be controlled

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I have many xpresso tags and nodes deadicated to user data sliders in allowing me to control area light color. So far I’ve setup a color temperature slider, hue and saturation sliders, 600 different singular colour combinations linked to individual integer buttons. But, I’m wanting one more color control function... to be able to link specifically green and magenta tint from a -90 to 90 real funcation slider like done with my color temperature slider. The only issue is there seems to be no deadicated nodes to something that specific through my efforts of testing.


I’m needing all this because I’m recreating a film industry lighting fixture that supplies many different color mode options, I want the user to be limited to these exact color control modes rather then them freely being able to change color through the basic color wheel, hense why everything is linked to sliders.. So I understand to most of you it seems pointless, but for my strange terms of use, it’s necessary. Is it possible through xpresso or will a python script be of need?



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