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Not sure what your set up is from that picture but it looks like your sweeping a regular spline. If you want it to look like the ball has a tail / trail then if you are using a regular spline you should drop that and put a tracer on the ball and sweep that.


If you want the same spline for a path, the align the ball to it but don't sweep it, step the tracer on the ball 


Hope Ive understood you right.




:) I think Bezo and myself must have pressed the button at the same time

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Alternative to the Tracer (a mighty fine suggestion) an interesting but little known function in the timeline might help you (if your object is freely keyframed in space):


Select your object in the Dope Sheet (not position track), go to Functions (in timeline menu), and select the command Position Track to Spline.


This will do what its name suggests and make a spline based on the object origin's movement through space.  This would leave you to hand animate (or setup some xpresso) to animate the end/start growth of the sweep nurb.  but hey, at least it'd give you an exact spline based on the object's path through space!

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