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Giant SciFi / Fantasy City Animation

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Hey peeps!

This is an environment I've made for a short film / pilot episode I'm working on. It was made entirely in Cinema 4D (using the Physical render engine, alongside some simple After Effects compositing and colour correction).

Take a look here!



This has taken me 17 months to make! Admittedly I was also doing freelance jobs in that time. The total render time clocked in at 360 hours (and no, that wasn't distributed on a farm, it LITERALLY was all rendered on my one PC !... That was a long wait lol)

I've NEVER made a 3D scene so immense in my entire time as a 3D artist before :D.


But if you're interested in what this is about. I'm working on a BIG passion project in the form of a pilot episode. Fully 3D animated in Cinema 4D. The dream is to make a sincere push towards getting this thing picked up for syndication on some sort of TV network once I've finished the pilot. All my social media deets are in the vid description if you're interested in more about that.

Otherwise, let me know your thoughts!

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Awesome :) So many pretty lights ! And whereas usually with these things I am reaching to turn the volume down (or off in some cases), today I was very much turning it up. Lovely job. What sort of render times are you getting per frame, and what are your render settings !! :)



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2 hours ago, legmog said:

Insano, Incrible, Fantastic, Very nice work, congratulations!


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this is stunning, well thought out, executed and enjoyable.  very well done.

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Wow.....it is what an amusement park on Pandora would look like!!! 


Just incredible.....put it on the MAXON home page!  Exceptionally well done in every conceivable way.


I also had to laugh at this statement: "I'm working on a BIG passion project in the form of a pilot episode".


...Wait!  That short animation was NOT the big passion project?  Oh my.




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  • Thanks for the kind words peeps!

    Yeah I was really happy that by sheer coincidence, the music sort of times up quite nicely with the visuals :D

    Kind of annoying though... It was purchased off Pond5 (a massive royalty free asset website if you've never heard of it), but the video has since been 'copyright claimed' for using the music! 


    As to render details... It was taking about 45 minutes per frame (and this is with a 16 core processor!). I used the Physical Render engine. I set the quality to a mid-point between 'low' and 'medium' (that was enough to mostly reduce the small details from flickering as they got further away from the camera). The grand total for the render time was..... 360 hours!!! And nope, that wasn't distributed over a render farm... I literally waited over a fortnight for my PC to churn through it :D . That is absolutely the LONGEST time I've ever waited for a render.


    But yeah! I really want to try and do a big social media push with this. If any of you know any people / companies / websites which I could try showcasing this off to, I'd love to hear it! Maybe I SHOULD try contacting MAXON about it :D . Also, if y'all feel like giving it a 'share', don't let me stop you :D

    Otherwise, if any of you would like to see more. All my social media deets are in the video description of the Youtube video :)

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    Very pretty! :)
    Double congratulations for enduring through the render time :D As a physical render user myself, I can really relate to 'home-made-renders-with-pc-on-for-days' (maybe with pc in the bedroom like me ^^')

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