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4dPublish - PDF warning with files

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I used 4dPublish to create some PDFs for a client and they work fine on my Mac and PC both, but the client is getting the warning in the attached image that there may be something malicious in the files and they won't open. Since I didn't add anything malicious to the files, anyone have an idea on what might be causing this?




PDF warning.png

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Hi Burnsilver,


I believe I just emailed you directly via the 4D Publish support page. But I will ask here again as well.


Could you please let me know what version of Adobe Acrobat Reader your clients are using?


There is no malicious code included in any published PDF documents using 4D Publish. The document does include 3D content as well as javascript.  If this is an older version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, and not the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (https://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/) then it may give different warnings.


I just found another thread from you on the Adobe forums as well. Is this you? I will contact you again via the support email regarding this issue.


Best Regards.






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For those people reading this thread the problem is actually Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.


For some reason Adobe  Acrobat Reader DC is only rendering scenes in Software rendering mode on a PC. Which makes them slow, have less rendering features, and can also be unresponsive.


The exact same PDF file when viewed in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC  on the other hand renders perfectly with Direct X 9 hardware acceleration.  


This is of course really annoying. I will be logging bugs with Adobe to see what is going on.


Lastly the scenes Burnsilver created look incredible in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. 


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