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Adding colour to many polygons.

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I am working a model which has to have It's colour. When I am colouring a detailed area I am adding more and more texture/polygon selected tags even using the same colour.  I just wanted to know if there is a way to colour an object without adding many texture and polygon selected tags? 





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Similar workflow (selection tag with applied material) could be done similary in Bodypaint.

As in previous post mentioned, unwrapped object is needed.

Simply select polygonson object and in "Texture" view select "Fill polygons" from "Layer" tab. This way do the same, but without selection tags and separated materials.



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Thanks for the replies.

I will go through them later.  


Hi bezo, I meant for example if I have polygons which are going to be the same colour but on opposit sides of the object,  I have to select them individualy and then apply the colour on each side. 

I understand they are needed for reference, I just wondered if could I just drag and drop the colour onto a polygon without createing many texture tags. 

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