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Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that after many months of planning and working, I finally got my tutorial site up and running, https://airbusch1.com and am very excited to share some things with the C4D Cafe community. I have posted several tutorials on things like building a simple piston rig without dynamic connectors.



Or, animating octopus tentacles utilizing the powerful Motion System within Cinema, and several others tutorials as well!



I also have some free rigs for download, like a Seismograph/Lie Detector device that is fully textured with controls and animatable, as well as my G.I. Rig, and others.



Everything is free! So give it a look when you have a chance, and I hope you enjoy the tutorials and rigs!


All the best!



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Very nice, thanks for sharing! :cowboypistol:

You could also put this in the Blog section so its not lost once there are new topics.

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  • Thanks all for checking out the site! Some new tutorials coming soon. Will keep you posted.


    Thanks also, Igor, for the suggestion. Will do!

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