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CV-AR Released

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3D-Pangel    235

Cineversity just released a new plugin called CV-AR (learn more about it here).  What makes this pretty cool is that it exports the facial capture information from the iPhone X into C4D.  You also need the app MAXON developed for the iPhone X as well.   The way it does it is pretty slick as well as once you record your performance, you open the plugin and scan the 2D barcode the plugin creates with your phone and the data is downloaded.


Honestly, when you consider how much money Hollywood VFX artists once spent on developing facial capture technology 10 years ago, to have it now on you phone with easy import into C4D is pretty amazing.   As an aside, I do know that the Apple did partner with those very same VFX artists to get the facial capture software correct.


Kudo's to the MAXON folks for seizing this opportunity.  Is MAXON the first DCC company to take advantage of this capability in the  iPhone X?


Prior to this Cineversity plugin, the only use I saw for facial capture on the iPhone was to animate your Emoji.  Honestly, talk about hokey and why would I pay a $1000 for that?  MAXON just created a good use for what I once thought was just a pure gimmick.    Now....while I am still not motivated to plunk down a $1000 for a phone, I hope that DCC professionals see this as a very cheap way to get facial capture technology into their toolset and it takes off for MAXON.


And to get this capability for free is just another reason to love Cineversity.





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lopakam    55

This looks amazing.  I'm going to give it try tonight.  I thought about this when I got my iPhone X, and was hoping that someone would come out with this.  It's been about five years since I stopped programming for the iPhone, but had something like this in the back of my mind.

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