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Hi Everyone,


Hope all is well, could I please request some guidance on how to achieve the attached texturing, as you can see at the bottom of the hand the powder or particles merge to form the hand. Thanks.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 10.30.24.png

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Ah Ok, that makes things easier. You need to use alpha for this so that some areas of your texture are transparent, and some are not.

In the case of this the challenge will be finding the right material mapping mode and choosing a falloff so that things get less transparent towards the end of the hand.


Ordinarily we would do this using a layer shader as a mask in the alpha channel, and within that use a gradient multiplied with a noise to get the transitional break-up.  Does that send you in the right direction or do you need more detail ?



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OK, well the material you have is fine but you just need to add an alpha channel to it, or rather enable that channel, then put a black / white shader in the image slot there to tell Cinema where it should be transparent or not.


The mapping mode of that material is UV mapping at the moment, which will not help that plan, so you need to change that to cylindrical, then using texture mode and axis mode, get the gizmo aligned down the length of the hand and use 'fit to object' to size it properly.


Now, in that alpha channel image slot, create a layer shader and go into it. There add a gradient shader - Linear,  V direction, black to white that will control the falloff, then add a noise shader over the top of it to make the gradient granular. then do test renders and adjust the knots in the gradient to get transparency more precisely where you want it...


Here's that demoed on a cylinder...



with these settings...


grad.JPG.004c64e2009c64e2ca00db3cd9f085d7.JPG   5b201e3eb86dc_noisesettings.thumb.JPG.95f15ac559c416dcbd995398fa68d5d8.JPG


On second thoughts, try Screen instead of multiply, which might be more the mode you need there.


Also, be sure to turn off use image alpha in the alpha channel options. It will all fail if you don't do that.

If you need it to fall off in more than one direction, then that is possible by stacking layers and gradients, but then it all gets very complicated very quickly...




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