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Bodypaint on glass material

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I am trying to use bodypaint to paint on glass/metal material, it does not seem to be  working although it works on leather material as per attached pic.

What am I doing wrong?

Any tip would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks



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  • Many thanks for your reply.
    I used a simple sphere with a Glass Material - Preset/Visualise/Material/Glass.
    For light I have a sky with an HDRI in the Luminance channel.
    For the attached picture I used Glass Murano then switched to BP UV Edit/Paint Setup Wizzard (Default settings)

    I painted some colours at random,
    When rendered It works although the colours are very faint.
    If I use for instance -Glass Simple- or -Glass Tempered- , painted colours are not rendered at all.
    In short I would like to be able to paint on any Glass Material to achieve the same effect as the attached picture of painted flowers.
    Many thanks for any tips.

    Version used: C4D R18



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    There may be couple of factors that influence those colours..

    First and probably most important in your case is transparency colour. Here there is Transparency tex, where first flower has 50 percent grey, second is mostly black and third one has exactly the same colours as color texture.

    They all will render differently. The other factor is reflectance of a material.

    Reflection strength set to 50 percent but

    layer strength = 0

    layer strength = 50

    layer strength = 100

    Lighting and colour of a background will probably also influence overall perception of painted colours..
    I hope it will help a little..

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  • Many thanks.

    I will give it a go.


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  • Many thanks Voytech, it is working.

    I have experimented with different Layer and Reflection strenghs.

    Attached is with 75 Layer Strengh and 75 Reflection strengh.

    Many thanks again.




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