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Reverse Text Spline Point Sequence

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Hey everyone! 


I have two words written in text that are animated using sweep nurbs. Eventually, I want to connect those two words with another spline, then animate the sweep such that the first (top word) is sweeped over first, then the connecting line, then the second word. However, the second word should be animated from front to back (the sweep should start at the end and then outline the word to the front).


The problem I'm struggling with is that, when I connect both words with a spline and turn them into a single spline (connect objects), the sweep starts at the beginning of the second word and not at the end.


From my understanding I'll have to reverse the point sequence of the second word. So I did that (make editable, mesh> Spline> Reverse sequence). However, this has no effect on the sweep animation whatsoever.


Also -  a minor thing I noticed, when I connect the text with my spline, it seems that not all the segments of the text are connected into the joined object (bottom of both words seems to be missing) - is that a glitch because of the font? 


Anybody has suggestions? File is attachted (First word Angie ------Spline ----- Zou)


Cheers and thanks for your help !


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The problem is this. 3 way spline junctions are impossible. You need to edit the splines so that they are truly contiguous, and there are never more than 2 connections to each point. Ultimately there should be a single spline segment that starts white at one end and goes blue at the other. Although you can have multiple segments within a single spline, and can reverse their directions independently, which will work with sweep growth, any 3 way junction will just break that.




As you guess, this font is not ideal for this purpose...



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  • Okay that does make sense thinking about what a spline actually is :D Thanks a lot, I'll try a workaround manually ~~ !

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