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  • Thanks, but now we lost the springiness  :(  I could eliminate having two cylinders altogether by just using the Size Increment on the Rigid Body tag.  But I want that gap between circles to have some spring to it.  Any ideas for Priority settings or something to get my file working better?

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    jed    303

    re priority - make sure there is an actual priority problem before you start fixing it. Things that appear to lag are often OK when rendered (or baked). I usually adjust priority by moving stuff around in the OM (top down order), or priority values lowest = 1st. There's also a shift priority tag. I'm sure you know all this.


    I haven't seen much info on baking. For purely dynamic stuff I use doc settings, dynamics, cache, bake. For my more complex scenes (eg using randomness), I drag everything into the dope sheet and go functions, bake objects. Then I disable dynamics, xpresso, python, and anything that moves things. I use this method for team render, so all the nodes have identical data.

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