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Export RealFlow C4D to Element 3D


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Does anybody knows how can I export RealFlow C4D animation to OBJ Sequence?


I did an animation in Cinema 4D RealFlow.

I have to import this fluid animation to Element 3D.

After creating animation in RealFlow C4D I did some variations to export it to OBJ Sequence:


1) Riptide Pro (OBJ Exporter)
While its rendering it shows fluid animation, but OBJ files are empty (even imported to Element 3D or opened by C4D)


2) File/Export/Alembic + Riptide Pro (OBJ Exporter)
In this version I tried it first to export to .abc, then open it in C4D and export to OBJ Sequnce, BUT:

the problems are already occuring after exporting to alembic file, because when I open abc file, there are no meshes.


3) Cache Simulation (from RealFlow C4D)

Two problems with this version:

a) It creates lot of abc files (one file for every keyframe)

b) .abc files contains just particles, no meshes


Please, help!






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Best way i've found to get the animated mesh from c4d to e3d is with r16 and steadybake. It might work in later versions too but i had the best results using r16 for exporting vdb mesh with xparticles. Just remember to also make a giant box geo with it's own material around your whole scene to keep your element 3d animation aligned in the AE/E3D comp.

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