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Pick Material / Texture

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Hello all,


I have imported a model to c4d and I want to pick the model to see the textures it has, but I only found the color picker.  Is there any way to see the textures or pick the object to see his material slot?


thank you

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If you select a model in the Object Manager the material it uses will be highlighted yellow in the Material Manager. You will also see material tags there, and hovering over that will reveal the name of the material being used.


Or, working the other way round, you can select a material instead and run 'scroll to first active object' from the functions menu, which will find things that use it.


Finally there is the Texture Manager which you use for seeing what is missing and relinking any that are...



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There is a few years plugin created by Cézar Vonc named "Pipette à matériaux". Options has just few lines, so really simly to work with.

You can switch between material selection (material will be opened in AM), second option will select texture tag (texture tag will be opened in AM) and last option is selecting object under pipette.(and show in AM)

Top most option (disabled by default) enable also generators for searching (which can take little more time)


and link



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