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New laptop recommendations

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I've been prepping for some upgrade as well. This thread here might snap some ideas on what to purchase.



Here is my personal preference of what to buy

1. Dell XPS 15

2. Razer Blade Pro 15

3. Aero 15


The Aero 15 has a lot of feedbacks that its good for content creators basically because of its power and a good screen display.

The MSI Raider is a has almost the same specs above or even higher. The 120hz is good if you're a gamer. 

I work on Cinema 4d as well and having a 6 core cpu and 1060/1070 cards is high enough. 



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I have Dell XPS it is great. But I think that you need better GPU card than 1050. I mean it really depends on how much work you will do with it. So it is Blade and Aero. Blade has much better built quality.


It is always good to listen what Lisa says - YT

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I have an XPS too and think it's great - the build quality is great, screen is gorgeous and it is light and easy to take to meetings, but the GPU runs hot... I'm working a lot with Unreal Engine at the moment which is very GPU intensive, and am thinking about coupling it with an external GPU.


I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this sort of set-up?





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i have an msi gs60 been using it for about 2-3 years. sometimes its been my primary machine. 


if you want to render stuff on such a thin laptop, set it on its side and preferably point a fan at it :) 

so its like an open book. 


Also I find propping it up behind so there is more airflow below it useful. 


Generally very happy with it. 

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