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Animation copying/pasting to wrong time

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Stupid question du jour . . . . In a nutshell, when I copy a character from one file to another the first 2,000 frames of her animation aren't copying, they just disappear.


I'm on a project that has a 4,000+-frame mocap track, parts of which are being used by different scenes. I'm working on the segment that uses frames 0 - 2,000. The final mocap was cleaned up for the segment using frame 2,200 - end. (Although the whole range was cleaned up, that was just the file in which they were doing the cleanup.)


I have to bring in the final cleaned animation (from the entire sequence, but focused on frames 2,200-on) into the file I had been working on (fr 0 - 2,000). Other than the nudging necessary for cleanup, the mocap in the new and old scenes still match--frame 652 in the first still corresponds with frame 652 in the cleaned up (and 350 = 350, 1,100 = 1,100, etc.) for instance. However, when I copy the character from the cleaned up file and paste her into my working file, the pasted version doesn't copy the first 2K-odd frames--it just starts where that new section starts, so the new character on my frame 2 is doing what she was doing at frame 2,002 (or so) in the file I was copying from.


Any idea how I can get the new character to copy cleanly into the old file, so the timeline doesn't lose 2,000 frames?


I edited the render settings in the new file to match the old (fr 0 - 2,000). I even tried moving the copied version around in the dope sheet on the old file, but those 2000 frames just don't exist--it's not like they're hiding before the 0 and I can just slide them.


The only weirdness with the new file (which I don't think should make a difference here) is that the render resolution and aspect ratio were different. It was also 29.97 fps instead of 30, but I tried it both changing that and not changing that to no avail.


I'm sure there's an obvious setting somewhere I'm missing. Thanks for any help.


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  • Epiphany right after posting, putting up my successful resolution in case anyone else runs into this--


    I went to the new/cleaned up scene, deleted everything except the character, and saved it as a new file. I went into my project file and did a Merge Object. I thought that worked the same as copy/paste, but apparently it will succeed where c/p fails.

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