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MAXON brings new CEO on board! New Future!!

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RLaskey    25

Sorry for @HSrdelic  and @Igor  for what has just happened to your country in the World Cup final match. Four years ago @3DKiwi would support Germany as MAXON is a German company (He said so). And it seems that was the last time 3Dkiwi's Titanic ever saw the day light as he was later "foundry" drowned into Middle Earth's "Mordor" sea.


But hey, we haven't lost the ring. The Sequel is coming. Cinema 4D R20. The Return of the King!!

Hoping to see 3DKiwi back to Studio through the Prime backdoor. Nigel we want your epic review of the release Back for Good and Take That seriously.

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HSrdelic    2,701

Unfortunately we lost but Silver medal is great result - I watched the game too although I am not really a football fan :)

If Nigel opts to do a R20 review he is always welcome to do so. Siggraph is getting closer, not sure if some official info will be released, but I hope so!

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thanulee    20
On 7/15/2018 at 1:24 AM, MauricioPC said:

Yeah, but Max is a powerhouse. Why did you change? You work is very good and you could probably live as a freelancer. So why change Max to C4D?

Hey buddy, well i cant do stuff in max with same ease as in c4d (actually some of em not at all eg massive object manipulations like cloners etc).
In c4d life is simple : stuff just work out of the box, doesnt crash unreasonably 10 times per day, lets u experiment on stuff rather than plain execute, is really artist friendly overall. and its also much more common used in my line of work which is mainly motion design. Also cause i just love octane implementation in there and xparticles/tfd. Plus no real features from version to version in 3ds max. Last but not least, awesome community and tones of resources!!

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