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Light flickering interval


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I'm working on a scene, which has a flickering light.

I tried to make the light flickering, but can't find a way to do a proper timing with an interval.
The result I'm looking for is something like the lights on the wing of this drone (starts at 2:43):

Created already this (see attachments), based on this tutorial. But can't find a way to add an interval

Is there a any correct way to make the flickering with an interval?




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The vibration method will give random flickers - that drone seems to be a regular cycle of 3 flashes (or is is 2) with a gap. If that's what you want, try this file.


There's a modulo on frame count, that counts up to a value and repeats. Test the modulo out = 0 to trigger a monoflop timer. This outputs a 0-1 linear ramp that can be rangemapped to give 3 light pulses. The monoflop duration controls the length of the 3 flashes. You can change the RM spline to give different shape of light pulse.


If you actually want random flashes, I've got some other methods.



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Since the light flash is very short - 1 or 2 frames - maybe actually specifying which frames the light is on would be a better idea. It would be a bit difficult in XPresso, but easy in Python. Here I made a list of the 'on' frames, and test if the frame loop value is on the list


def main():
    global intensity
    frame = doc.GetTime().GetFrame(doc.GetFps())
    loop = frame % 30
    L = [0, 1, 6, 7, 12, 13]
    if loop in L:
        intensity = 2
        intensity = 0



I know people run a mile from coding, but sometimes it's simpler.

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