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Voronoi Collision Problems

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I'm trying to make a figure fall to the ground and break using voronoi and dinamics but when the figure hit the floor it has a little (but visible) gap between the figure and the floor, check the picture to see it. Any idea on how can I fix it? I'm using c4d r19 and voronoi with conector, and detailing. 



Thank you in advance :).


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A scene file would let us see all your settings and advise more thoroughly, but at a glance, your object is relatively small compared to default object sizes, which is coincidentally what dynamics is set to use too. It might be that your dynamics scale should be turned down in the project / Dynamics / Advanced menu, and if necessary margins enabled and reduced on both the floor and VF objects.


If that's still not working for you feel free to upload the scene so we can play and find the answer...



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