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2000's Max Payne model look

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hey, this is a newbie question, so I'm posting it in a newbie section.


My task is to create a series of scenes presenting a character in different scenarios - bookstore/street etc. A friend supplied me with three images (added to this post). The main goal is to acheive a look, simillar to Max Payne 1 character in terms of complexity. I'm really trying to find a nice way of modeling a simple character and then adding clothes to him. 


I would appreciate any suggestions on how to start.




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Whats the target medium Video animation, Game, Still image?  The modelling route will depend on what the target medium is. 


For Video you will need to take into account the actions he will perform so a certain construction will need to be used to attain best deformation during animation.  If this is for video you can get away with more polygons than for games.  If its for games then you follow the same rules as for video only your keep a eye on how many polygons your allowed to have for the target game engine.  In this case I dont think that will be a issue as its a rather old game, but iv seen some use highly dense meshes when trying to rig and animate and it dont end very well.


As far as clothes go depending on how many character you want to make and if the clothes are to be dynamic in some way is to the route id take.  The two top images can be the same model slightly modified with the clothes built into the modelling of the character.  The rest is down to texture work.  For Max Payne id use the base model from one of the other guys and build him from that.  Again depends on if Max will have different clothes on in other scenes, or how dynamic is to if Id build him with the clothes as part of the same geometry as the body, or not.  In all cases id take the target medium into account.



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  • thanks @Rectro for the reply! All i need to create is 10 seperate stills, no video, no animation. Just: 1) pose a character 2) change his clothes - apply different texture (no dynamics) 3) change environment 4) render. 

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    There are a few routs you can take, the easy one and the more difficult one.


    Easy route:


    If you wish to change Max clothes then your better off with using dynamics to conform the clothes to different poses otherwise your be creating 10 lots of clothes.  DAZ3D will let you pose a base character, it may even allow cloth these days, but DAZ3D is the easy route if thats the case but id use Marvelous Designer myself.  You can get the face the way you want, build and keep going back to changes poses with a already rigged figure.


    Harder route:


    This is the manual way, and thats to either get a pre made mesh like from DAZ3D and do your posing in C4D, or make your own mesh from scratch.  Being that these are rather low polygons characters that shouldnt be hard depending on your experience in modelling, but your still need a reasonable topology for the limbs to deform correct with each pose, this will set you back some time as your need to either rig him via mixamo fast option, rig him with C4D character tool, slower but more control, easier to pose, or rig him manualy, much slower but your learn more.


    Changing clothes for max would mean you conform a single jacket via dynamics still, C4D can do this but not well, again Marvelous designer all the way as I would make and drape the clothes within there, this can save much time.  You could make the jacket once, then import different poses into Marvelous Designer with the clothing conforming to him with all creases, and drape to look realistic.  The demo version may not be too limiting so you may get away with using that.


    Which route you take is up to you, for speed DAZ3D export a T pose, then all your other poses.  Use T pose in Marvelous Designer to make jacket and update the poses in there, job done.  Bring the jackets back into C4D for  texturing and rendering.  


    Experience for a beginner learning id make my own character, uv map him, and use the character tool to rig him, and pose him.  You could try to use C4D own cloth dynamics.  Id make the jacket separate and keep the rest built into the base mesh including shoes, and paints. If max is to have the same jacket on all the time then build the jacket into the base mesh, and rig the jack part that hangs off the body so you can pose it manually, or even use dynamic Ik joints.




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