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C4D render problems

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Hey Guys!

I really need your help with a current C4D project.

So I'm trying to render out an underwater scene with animated jelly fish (275 frames) but as soon as I hit the render button C4D needs 20HOURS!!! for one single frame even though the guy in the tutorial renders the scene with the same settings within a few minutes

I use global illumination, blur and basic lightening. I tried to turn gi off and simplify the scene but it will turn out crappy. For the materials I use luminance, transparency, reflectans and alpha. I really would appreciate your Help.

Heres the tutorial:


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Maybe your setup is not as accurate as in tutorial. Try to watch carefully and look for exact values as in tutorial...

Very important parameters for rendering time could be "ray threshold, ray depths,shadow depth, kind of GI, samples /dependent on GI mode etc..."

There´s alot of parameters in render setings where you can save a lot of time...


Matthew  O´Neill has a lot of tips for rendering in his great tutorials (there are also few parts for improving speeds of rendering)




...On other side, maybe tutorial creator has better hardware then you ;-)

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