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Problem | Dynamics & collision

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Hi there, my very first question and post..

i was thinking on an easy first project and ended up with making a shaker pour liquid into a martini glass..

ive managed to undestand how to model and create liquids without real flow..

problem is and i cant understand why, the liquid keeps escaping my shape altough i used Collider & collision as Static Mesh

as you can see the model does not hold all the liquid.


added pictures, please help me i wanna finish the first project ever and learn more 



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There could be more issues. One of them is priority metaballs vs. dynamics. In this case you always need to bake dynamics first. But "blobes" doesn´t respect colliders (mean more objects = bigger "blob" = going out of collider object)

Metaball isn´t a good solution for this kind of scenes, for fluids there are other softwares/plugins...


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