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So I have a dynamic spline attached to a floating balloon using the hair constraint tag.




For some reason the spline is always lagging behind the balloon. I've tried reordering the objects in the object manager, changing the priority settings for the spline dynamics tag, replacing the anchor objects with polygon objects, caching the dynamics of the balloon, nothing seems to work.


Attached is an example file, if anyone has a solution it would be greatly appreciated! 


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Your dynamics is erratic. Stabilize it down. 
Turn down Wind and Turbulence and you'll see that it follows perfectly.
If you really want to have that kind of behavior, increase the substeps like crazy. And expect a render hit. 

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  • Yea, even when I turn of wind and turbulence it still does the same. Gravity is set to -100 and steps per frame is already at 40.


    It's not the speed of the dynamics, even when the balloon moves slowly the spline doesn't stay connected closely to the balloon.


    I tried nesting the string under the balloon and that keeps the spline connected at the top, but now it won't stay tight at the bottom to the anchor.





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