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Keeping "old" lights with ProRender?

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Good day folks. I recently switched over to C4d 19 hoping it would run smoother and improve things, as my rig is not particularly powerful. The only thing that stands out the most is the R9 390 graphics card it's got.

So far, the program itself does seem to run smoother and doesn't lag too much in the viewport, which is where I had the most issues, so I'm pleased with the overall change so far, but it's the rendering speed I'm ultimately hoping to improve. As a complete novice who's doing all this for fun, under no pressure and without any obligations, I don't usually read up or do research on these things: I just dive right in, clicking on stuff and messing around until I get what I want - an occasional crash is thus also to be expected.


I'm currently facing an issue with an old project which was made under R15. To cut the story short, switching from the "standard" renderer to ProRender is not as easy as I had hoped. It's not something that you just select and it "runs in the background" doing stuff for you - I had hoped it would simply "transfer" the workload from the CPU to the GPU (which it does, no doubt), which is something I really felt the need for, given the aforementioned not-quite-up-to-the-task system. Sure, there's a LOT ! more to it than that (tons of settings to mess with), which I quickly discovered the hard way: when I went to "ProRender" in the viewport and clicked "Start ProRender", the whole viewport went completely black...I must be doing something wrong, since I can't even see the textures which have "luminance" enabled and those should be visible even in total "darkness".


Should I stick to "Standard", or push on with ProRender ? I know the answer heavily depends on the scene. It's animated for one thing. Can I expect ProRender to decrease render time, or will it be roughly the same, just in a different "method" ? The subject of ProRender is huge...

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