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2D image to 3D

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I am modelling Nelsons Column at Trafalgar Square and I wanted to ask if there is any way (plugin. software) that can turn a 2D image into 3D mesh.


On the column there are these sculptures that I would like to include as 3D model (3D printing purposes) but I have no clue how to do thata part from modelling which will take me too long.


Any suggestion please?


Image attached for reference.


Thank you,


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Not impossible but quite a big ask for photogrammetry software, but you would need many decent photos from all angles so its super impractical for something like that. Guess it depends how close your gonna be. With a flatter more square on photo you may be able to fake a bit of depth with displacement and normal maps n stuff but that wouldn't work for a shot like your e.g..

I guess some sort of liar scan would do it but I guess thats beyond the scope of this project.


Maybe some of the other members have better news for you.



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If its going to be for a back ground asset like for a game then as @deck said displacement or normal would be the way to go.  If your a good digital sculptor you could bring a good quality image into Zbrush and project the image as a basis to start manual sculpting but depending on how close your going to get is how much time and skill your going to need.  Substance Image to material generator would get the best of whats possible from a single 2d image.  https://www.allegorithmic.com/products/bitmap2material



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If you have a photogrammetry software available to you could try it with photogrammetry.


Just  go on a cloudy day to minimize reflection strength and shoot raw so you can get rid of some of the reflections and shadows after taking the photos. You may have to make some little fixes in zrbush or so in places that are not visible on the  photos (since your shooting from the ground only), but that shouldn't be too many since the sculptures don't stand too far out of the frame. 


Hope that helps,


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