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Tangled venetian office blinds

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Hi there, 


I'm modelling a scene of an office which has been trashed or abandoned and am wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to create tangled office blinds as seen in these two images. Any ideas much appreciated. 


Many thanks, 






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I'm not sure that there's an "easy" way to do this, but I think a good starting point would be to make a cloner to get the perfect blinds first.  Then demolish it using dynamics, specifically a Soft Body tag on the blinds and then using an object with a Collider tag to smash them.  Check out this project file as a starting point.  Once you're happy with the simulation result, you could make it editable and then manipulate individual slats to your liking for more randomness.

Blinds - Tangled v1.c4d

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Yes, please do!  One thing you'll want to do as well- think about how the strings will be added.  I had an idea and couldn't resist trying it out, so here it is.  Make a selection of one point where the hole in the slat will be.  Make a separate selection for each additional hole.  Then, after your sim is done and you've finished messing with the hand-done work, you can copy your geometry and delete everything but those points.  Then add a Tracer and pipe them in to convert your points to splines.

Blinds - Tangled v2.c4d

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Looks like you're making progress!  Good idea to have the cords be dynamic, but looks like you're getting a lot of intersections.  Also, typically the blind cord would be mostly straight between slats since it is supporting the weight of each slat along the way.

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