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MAXON Service Agreement

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OK I am thinking of getting the MSA before they release R20 sometime in September. If I do this now I should be eligible for a free upgrade from R19 which I currently use to R20 when it is released? I am also looking at some Cineversity tuts that I would really like to view, I have a Plural Sight subscription but it doesn't have the same tuts (it's gone a little bit down hill IMHO). Should I purchase now or wait till next month?

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If you are not in MSA currently (pure c4d user of last version without MSA), you can buy MSA anytime before R20 official release. Current state of MSA isn´ t lock to time, but count of releases, so MSA means  1 new version for lower price then "normal" upgrade, 2 installations (not running concurrently) and Cineversity year subcription.

But still is locked to time... :), because when you purchase today, it´s year subscription and  takes for 365 days. ( So, ending the same day, but next year and still are there 2 mounths to release new version). In this "hole" you can again decide to buy MSA (you are still allowed) and continue in upgrades for lower price...If R20 release and you ´ll be without MSA, first you need buy "normal" upgrade to R20 for higher price (like MSA) and then you´ll be allowed to buy MSA for R21 for instance...



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