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Nice deal for future tutorial creators

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I've tried every app there is, mac and pc. With the other apps, keep in mind they all tend to record in 4:2:2 lossy formats such as .mp4. In short, all the strong colours such as the RGB axis will turn all pixelated, and everything will get slightly softer from the general compression. Camtasia record in full lossless 4:4:4 and will even export a decent sized 4:4:4 mp4 video, so generally it keeps the highest quality throughout.


The bundled editor is very basic, but it gets the job done so long as youre happy with simple editing and basic effects. imho its the best windows option. For mac, I would point people towards Screenflow:



The recording is very smooth and the editor works great. The mp4 output isn't as good as Camtasia (larger files, slightly lower quality) but if youre just uploading to youtube or vimeo then theres not much difference.


As for this $20 deal, go for it. The last 2-3 Camtasia updates have given virtually nothing of any value, just stick with the older version.

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