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Nice deal for future tutorial creators

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I was read many times (not only on this forum) threads about looking for good screenrecording software.

Currently on Humble Bundle (8 days left) is very nice deal for users who wants make/create/present their workflows/tutorials etc...


As almost of us knows, the one of the best applications for this is Camtasia. And this software (together with SnagIt, commercial price for both around 270euro) is in bundle for 20$ (...yes, TWENTY...). 

- installers PC/MAC

- it´s not latest, but second to the last (upgrade-able for 99,50$)




...I'm looking forward to a lot of quality tutorials from our users ;-)





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On the subject of cheap, I have Camtasia and for audio I use a Microsoft USB LifeChat headphone + boom mic. Has an inline amp so you can hear your voice through the cans without any delay (a common Windows problem). Amazon UK do them for about £22 link. I've only used them on Windows - can't vouch for Mac.

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Remember that Camtasia Studio is not just a screen recorder its a video editor with animation, pan n zoom, text effects, pip, cursor effects, Voice Narration to name a few things it can do, its a complete set of tools .  I also have been using Snagit for years, its how I post quick visual directions when helping out here, both are great training tool sets.



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I personally use: https://mirillis.com/en/products/action.html


After camtasia failed to record my mouse one too many times, i figured it was time to find something new. This one is great for many reasons. 


Mainly that that is uses the gpu to encode the files so they are not as huge and you can load them straight into your video editing package of choice where you can edit everything in a much more comfortable environment.

It does not come with its own editing software, but personally i prefer it this way. 

But $20 still a good deal :))

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I've tried every app there is, mac and pc. With the other apps, keep in mind they all tend to record in 4:2:2 lossy formats such as .mp4. In short, all the strong colours such as the RGB axis will turn all pixelated, and everything will get slightly softer from the general compression. Camtasia record in full lossless 4:4:4 and will even export a decent sized 4:4:4 mp4 video, so generally it keeps the highest quality throughout.


The bundled editor is very basic, but it gets the job done so long as youre happy with simple editing and basic effects. imho its the best windows option. For mac, I would point people towards Screenflow:



The recording is very smooth and the editor works great. The mp4 output isn't as good as Camtasia (larger files, slightly lower quality) but if youre just uploading to youtube or vimeo then theres not much difference.


As for this $20 deal, go for it. The last 2-3 Camtasia updates have given virtually nothing of any value, just stick with the older version.

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