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Voronoi fracture problem

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I found this interesting stl model on this 3d scan website:


& converted in blender to obj. and importd in c4d


My intention is to break it in pieces with the voronoi function c4d.

And I followed this tutorial (statue part start at 25:42):


Everything went well, till the point I used the 'detailling' option.

In the attach you see the result & settings. As you can see the inside of the pieces are not looking right.

I tried different settings in detailling option, but no good result.


Is there something in the process I forgot?













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Hi Tim,


the detailing option can be a bit challenged with higher poly meshes. The issue here is, that the original mesh created my the breaking algorithm on the inside faces isn't very homogeneous in his tesselation. You can see that by turning off detailing and turning off the ngon Creation in the "object" tab. What would help is to reduce the "maximum edge length" in the detailing, but that increases complexity and it will take a while to compute. Even that will not fully solve the issue.




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Thank you Fritz,


I'm wonder if there's a site where I can find c4d ready models of statues with less poly meshes, and I can use without any issues in the voronoi function.

It seems the hercules statue, that greyscale gorrila used, works...




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Hi TimW,


I am not sure, but I believe the statue is in the content library.

Make sure you are on R19 SP2. There were some important fixes for detailing in that version. Nothing for your issue however.





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