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Sounds cool. You can see the C4dLive presentation clock down to the minute here.




Great bunch of presenters and they have Tim Clapham as one of them - met Tim at a Melbourne presentation a few years back (Nodefest) and he was the loveliest bloke ever.

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20 hours ago, vrauckis said:

My bet is August 13th, first Monday of Siggraph. =)


That's about as sure a bet as you're going to get. Not sure there will be any takers. ; )


The R20 announcement is sure to be one of the opening day headlines and press releases, with demos to follow whichever day the MAXON presentations start. Followed by a release in September if old patterns hold. They may even announce it earlier to generate some buzz going into the show. Seems like they've done that once before but people will definitely be hyped this year. Hopefully the app lives up to it.

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