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Character Art in Unity with C4D

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Hey everyone,


I've been a C4D user since R10 and it's a fantastic program.  It can do so much but there isn't much love given to it as a potential tool to make video game art.  Unity/Unreal, AR, VR, all of this is super hot right now and I've grown frustrated digging through the web to find any type of tutorial on how to build game art.  So I made my own.  Spent the last few years figuring out how to build some *decent* game art and feel more than comfortable enough to try to share my knowledge with you guys.


My buddy Jon, a self-taught software engineer and Unity Developer and I built The Ultimate Guide to Character Art using Unity and C4D. It's a course that teaches you how to create your own video game characters using Cinema 4D. It teaches how to do easy UV Mapping, Bodypaint for your color channel, bump, reflectivity and roughness channels, Sculpt and convert that data into normal textures, create polygonal Hair and more.  We finish the course by importing and testing in Unity.  


I've searched far and wide for something like this and I hope this is a huge help for you.  If you have ever wanted to create a video game character using Cinema 4D, then I hope you will sign up for this course.  Please Click this link here and enter "LAUNCH10" for a massive discount.


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looks pretty interesting, as the course is based around character creation it would be good to see the final asset built in detail with its wires, showing how flexible the mesh deformations are, maybe some  details on the target poly count such as  low, medium or higher res? 


Thats a huge discount for sure.



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Hi Rectro,


Absolutely man.  Attached is the actual file.  In the end, the character has a little under 7000 polygons.  He's derived from the sculpt starting file but this is the final game asset you would bring into Unity.  Hope this helps! 

Marquis 16.zip

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So when you go to content browser,  you can pull up your sculpt tab and pull out basic starter humans.  The geometry starts from there.  As far as an upper polygon limit in unity, for characters, you can't go over 65000 before unity starts splitting up your game object.  Good practice is to keep it less than 20000 unless you're dealing with hero characters.

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Also, there is no retopology needed.  You build from low to high, so you start low poly, paint in your character, then sculpt them, giving them millions of polygons, go back to painting, do more details, then bake out all that info into your original low poly model.

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Interesting to hear of different workflows.  My workflow has always been to model from scratch from a backdrop reference, imagination, or to sculpt my concept design and retopo, in either case a low to mid level polygon cage is produced.  I can see your method will get the new user off to a nice start in getting through what is a very hard and long process utilising what C4D offers from its content.


Thanks for the info.



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