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Isn't R20 Just Around The Corner?

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I expect a video showcasing R20 new features sometime next week (as has been MAXON tradition), but am a little alarmed at the lack of chatter on here and other C4D forums...I feel like am the only one getting feverish, itching to see what MAXON is hitting us with this time around. Are you guys totally jaded, taking it all in stride? Cuz to be honest am counting the days...waiting. Every year that video drops I go nuts!!!

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Last two releases were announced end of July, but Siggraph is a couple of weeks later this year, so who knows? The traditional reaction threads this year should make for fascinating reading.

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I think its already been said and done in This Thread, and That Thread. I think many have come to except that MAXON will not say much if anything until they are ready to which is normally at Siggraph.  The theories, speculations have all been out there over countless posts.  My expectations are not high, this leaves room for  a surprise or two, and less room for disappointment.  For me this release is the make or break for me regarding future upgrades so Im going to just wait and see.



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I expect R20 to be the big one. i.e. new / fast core that can handle a ton of objects, rewritten UV tools, XPresso 2. Possibly as well: nodal material system, modelling tool enhancements, new particle system to replace TP.


Fun times ahead. 

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44 minutes ago, 3DKiwi said:

I expect R20 to be the big one. i.e. new / fast core that can handle a ton of objects, rewritten UV tools, XPresso 2. Possibly as well: nodal material system, modelling tool enhancements, new particle system to replace TP.


Fun times ahead. 

I so hope your right.  especially when it comes to modelling with  modelling symmetry, I long for the day where I choose to stay in C4D for modelling over MODO just to keep it under one roof, and still on MODO 901 I keeping going back to it.  What would it take for you to return?



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9 hours ago, Freemorpheme said:

Everyone is secretly expecting something pretty big, so if it is a limp release you can expect a megathread here on the cafe to enjoy your popcorn with.

that thread is exactly what the popcorn is for ;)


i still think it will be an ok release, just not THE release everyone is hoping for. my guess would be faster object handling, but nothing all too significant. no nodal material system, no new particle system. no unified physics. some mograph & modelling additions/enhancements, some love to the uv-tools/bodypaint, multithreading of most previously single threaded stuff, some workflow stuff, production ready but compared to redshift or octane still painfully slow prorender. also i expect some more viewport features, but no where near as advanced as blenders EVEE. i hope i'm wrong though.

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WARNING: Long winded post.  Do not read on your cell phone while driving --- this means you Hrvoje!


Honestly....while no one likes to be held hostage to pretty much anything, I have to ask if statements such as "this will be my last update unless the next release  has XZY feature" are realistic. Now I am a hobbyist.  My income is thankfully not tied to my skills with C4D (if it was, we would starve).  But regardless of being a hobbyist or professional, DCC programs do require a bit of commitment.  Other than Blender, they aren't cheap and do require a significant investment in money and time until you feel comfortable with it.   So for those who have reached their breaking point, what do you thoughtfully consider when you think about switching programs?   


I've been with C4D for 10 years now, so here is what I take into account every time I consider if I should drop the program:

  1. How much time have I invested in learning the program.
  2. How much cash have I invested in program upgrades
  3. How much cash have I invested in plugins/libraries/shaders/models tailored to C4D?
  4. How much time would it take for me to convert my scene files to another platform? 
  5. How successful would I be in converting those scenes?  How much would need to be redone?
  6. How steep is the learning curve for that other program?
  7. Could I be as proficient using that other program as I am using C4D?
  8. Is the other program as logically laid out as C4D?  Would I be fighting that programs interface and if so, for how long?
  9. Does the other program have plugins or features equivalent in function to the ones I have for C4D?
  10. Also, what is the core reason  why I want to leave C4D?  Have my skills outgrown its capabilities?  Is there some feature that I must have for which there is no work-around other than purchasing a whole new application?
  11. Are they continuing to add meaningful features to the program with each release that I would be interested in?
  12. Can I afford the upgrade costs for that other program?  How do they compare to C4D's?
  13. What is the future for the other program?  Is its parent company stable and investing in the development of the program? 
  14. ...and as a hobbyist, this question definitely applies:  Is the other program as fun to use as C4D?  Do things works as expected ALL THE TIME?  Is the UI design pretty consistent so that the learning curve is shallow  when I wish to try new things? 

I could easily go on....but the point is that time spent with any DCC program does create a bit of inertia against switching.  These are not easy decisions and when you think about it, they should not be made emotionally  There is a lot to consider. Maybe its different for people who make a living with the program as every issue has a greater impact, but remember that time spent learning that other application is time NOT spent making money (or with family, friends, etc).  So I would imagine the considerations professionals make may slightly parallel the list above.


Yes...I have seriously considered switching over the last 10 years -- more than once too!  It has not been a blissful relationship every single year.  There have been some great releases and some that do make me mad.  But then I sit down, put aside the emotion, go through the list above and ultimately decide to stay. 


Even without know what is in R20 and with no expectation for what new features are in R20, I think I have made the right decision every time.






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