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Problem | Bind joints to model

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Hi , very new youll see that in the file ill attach.


im trying to create a simple walk cycle with a tiny house model.

ive made a quick house model and tryed rigging it, unfourtunally i cant use bind to connect the body and skele together.

please help me or guide me to the right direction... all i want is small running houses.


thanx in advance..


house rig.c4d

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First thing is the object you wish to bind must be a polygonal object by selecting the sweep object and making it editable ( C key) it converts your model to editable polygons, this then lets C4D bind joints to it.  Second thing is the joints must be inside the geometry otherwise your get weighting issues, your model will not deform well.  The joints should be in the middle of  each limb.  The legs have a bend in them yet there is only one single joint.  You need to have a joint where the leg bends.  The leg geometry has too many edge spans on the Y axis yet not enough horizontally.  You need more edges  above and below the point in which the leg will bend at the knee cap area.


You should aim to at least have a basic leg such as in the image below made from a simple cylinder then made editable then fast extruded (ctrl + move)  Its 2:45am here but if you need more guidance in about 8 hours from now I can help much more including some modelling tips, and adding controllers to the rig.



basic leg.png

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