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animation - joints misbehaviour

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hi all.

i have my character rigged and when i want to animate the leg i rotate the joint but the result is a bit weird as you can see in the video. 

sorry if it's a noobish question. and thank you in advance. 




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Could do with seeing a bit more of the UI and a better angle.  I assume that the Snapping is off, and that that you have checked the joint orientation is correct to avoid gimbal lock.  Not sure if you have Quaternion Rotation option in r17 but when selecting the mesh this option could help if you have it.  Do you have a IK chain on the joints?



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you have a gimbal lock problem. make sure all your joints and also possible parent nulls are oriented along the z axis to minimize rotation interpolation issues.


i just learned that parent nulls also have a significant effect on this, i wasn't aware of this before and need to fix this as well in my rig. 


here's a thread on cg-talk which explains the problem a bit more in depth.




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