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A bunch of proposals to improve C4D

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For the beginning let me express my respect and warm filings for MAXON team, that's rare nowadays when people think about another people and their needs and not only the profits. Congrats for upcoming r20 release as well!

To the point...

Despite the UX in C4D is superb relative to many others, there are some pretty evident problems. I don't want to touch modelling yet (but I do have A LOT to say about, both improving particular tools and ways to improve it at the whole), instead let me show you the growing list of fixes I propose. I constantly add new ideas while working, so it's a bit messy, but - I don't know do you, guys, need it and will you ever listen to my thoughts. So I want to start this topic to understand is that needed at all (I did something like this for Adobe and they didn't even bother to answer) and may I take a part at evolving my favourite software?

If regular Cafe visitors have something to add - welcome!


While "Split" duplicate object without children. Delete points of splited geometry;
While "align center" window is active dont't apply the changes to pivot untill the "execute" button is pressed as it's too easy to mess with pivot simply selecting object;
Delete polygons with corresponding points by default;
Fast "key selected attr" as Q in timeline - when autokey sets the keys for all the parameters it's a bit inconvinient;
Fix "render instances", make them like real instances. For now they disappear as soon as we work with them as real objects, putting in symmetry or any other generator. It must work like if you work with a bunch of Instance objects, not like now;
Less nulls - there's no real reason why we must group geometry in null to put it in SDS or symmetry. But we have to still, seems to have no point;
Cloner negative offset! It's really needed feature to have a way to shift cloner in opposite way than it's possible now;
Consider null the object of size of it's content. It's really needed for "fit to parent", axis manipulation and similar things;
Add a way to dock attribute manager under the dope sheet object list to see key parameters immidiately;
Add a "Show in Solo mode" in Interaction tag;
Don't gray out snap options when it's turned off, it is rather inconvinient than logical;
One click solo activation with last used settings. Hierarchy turned on by default. Messing with flyout menu every time is time-consuming and not pleasant;
Disable all calculation of objects outside of Solo or hidden by "traffic light", Solo must speed up scnene, now that's a major issue;
Timeline selection presets as "selection" objects in OM;
"Centre axis to" and other commands must not retain the behaviour defined by "Center axis" dialog;
Autokey only active (selected) dimensions option;
Committe Knife, Weld and so on by Enter or Right click;

In timeline - DO NOT SHOW child keys on parent!!! AT LEAST as an option. Now selecting keys and even getting an idea of what's going on is a tricky endevaour!;
By clicking on the object in timeline ONLY select it's own keys, selecting it's and children's keys is possible via middle click already. For now it's such a pain to work with that;
Colour-code Summary track and add a margin to separate it from the rest of timeline, it must ease getting around with happening in the scene;

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