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materials not shown in view port

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No materials are showing in my view port; even with a single object all objects remain grey until rendered.


Previously on first install I didn't have this problem, it occurred without any changes to preferences and I have no idea why. A bug maybe?


Thanks in advance. 

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Aree you activated "Textures" option in viewport/options setings? (N~Q shortcut)

(or the same option but in viewport/options/Configure all/view... "Texture" option enable)

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  • Thanks for the suggestion bezo - my materials still arent showing right. 


    However after messing with 'textures' - colours applied in materials are working.


    I tried testing with images applied in the colour field (wood plank image light brown); (see images)


    --with 'textures' turned on objects appear white in the view port.


    --with textures turned off, objects appear a single hue taken from the source image. In this case, an overall light brown - from the wood plank image.



    I checked to see if other attributes were showing - so far only simple colour seems normal. Bump not showing (see images)


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