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Photoshop blend modes

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Hi All,


Been searching for a simple answer to this for a while now and had no luck...hopefully someone can help me out.


I have rendered out several passes (AO, Atmosphere,Specular etc etc) of a still image and need to composite them in photoshop.

I would like to know what pass should have what blend mode and where it should sit in the layer stack in PS.

I know C4D has the "Target Application" in the render settings but the list does not contain PS...not sure why. I don't want to use AE either as PS is my preferred tool.


Can anyone point me in the direction of where to find the info about what pass needs what blend mode?


or am I missing something :-)


Many Thanks.



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I usually render mine directly into a psd so they come with their names and blend modes applied to the layer, all in one single file. Maybe you could re render a lores test and all should be revealed.




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A classic question, which gives headache to many 3d artists.

Linked below are 2 video tutorials for vray, but hopefully you can make a use of them.




This issue is not software specific, as other 3d apps (maya. 3ds max) have multipass option too. Feel free to explore further.



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Thanks for the tips!

@deck That was simple...I have always tended to use PNG when rendering so did not realise the PSD route was so simple. I did a quick test and at first glance the image looks different in PS to the render in the PV. I will experiment more though.


@MJohnny I don't use VRay but those 2 videos definitely helped to explain things for me.


I appreciate the help and fast replies :-)





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