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Adding shoes to character

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If you have feet within the shoes and you intend to bend the shoe id just weight the shoe to the foot and toe joints and use a pose morph.  You can use a collision deformer but its very hit n miss, and can take some time to get right.  In the file added below I used a morph.  You can have the visibility of the shoe to turn the morph on or off, but you can set up a user data switch e.c.t the choice is yours.  As already said if the shoe is not going to have a bend it it which would also assume the toe in the animation also has a bend then a simple PSR constraint can be used providing the pivot of the shoe matches the foot joint.  You can use the constraint option to Maintain Original, but I like to ddo things accurate and put the shoe into a null that matches the pivot of the foot joint.


In this video Your see that the foot does not show through the shoe as a pose morph is used at 100% strength to shrink the foot inside the shoe.  At frame 70 the shoe visibility is disabled at this time the pose morph is at 0% strength.  This can be automated so when the shoe is visible the pose morph is at 100% and when its not visible its at 0%





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5 hours ago, gieroj said:

but if i needed the shoes to bend a little, what can I do?

If the number of times it bends is low then just add a bend deformer to the shoes and do it manually. Otherwise you have to rig the shoes too.

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