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C4DCafe - R20 MoGraph Fields

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Hi folks :)


We are proudly announcing our first R20 training - MoGraph fields. Dive into new fantastic field system from scratch and gain massive advantage in your production capability and workflows. We start from basics, explaining field parameters and usage, cover multi instances and build upwards to subfields, openVDB and advanced projects where fields are utilized in all areas of CINEMA 4D. We explore fields in MoGraph, deformers, tags, CA environment, Xpresso, particle and OpenVDB context. Every aspect of CINEMA 4D gains from fields and as such they will be vital part of the production. Lessons are faster paced, packed with tips and tricks along with advanced and unusual application of fields.


Lesson outline:


























Duration: 3 hours


Training is download only and can be purchased directly via Cafe store here:




Here is one complete lesson for preview purpose (Right click and download to disk if you don't want to view in browser)




Hope you enjoy this one, a lot of work went into it :)






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  • Thanks Mash :)


    We were changing something so that link is displayed instead of previewed content which doesn't look good in post itself

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    Thanks! If I update my copy to R20, I'll definitely buy it. I'm sure the quality is top notch.
    If you don't mind me asking what's is going to be the next course?

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  • Since there were some inquiries about ability to purchase without being a member - the answer is yes, it is possible, simply follow the paypal link in the store. Download link will be sent ONLY to e-mail associated with purchase. In case you don't receive it simply contact us on Cafe or paypal mail :)

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    The R20 Mograph Fields training is very clarifying, very well explained and with easy examples where you can figure it out how to apply fields and have that approach for your daily work. Congrats and thank you HSrdelic! Fields are really game changers!

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    Can't wait to pick up this training, along with Tim's Fields In One Day, once R20 is released.


    Fields is an absolute gamechanger for MoGraph. The possibilities which already seemed infinite are now beyond comprehension. Can't wait to see what the talented C4D community will do with this over the next few months.

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    Went over the training - it is simply fantastic. You are a born teacher and have unique skill of presenting complexity with simplicity. I never though you could do better than Vertex pusher series, but I was wrong. It is clear that you spent a lot of time with fields and whoever wants to do C4D work of any kind starting from release 20 should watch this - highly recommended!


    Only thing I will complain (because I am like that) is that I wanted at least one more project lesson :)


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