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48 minutes ago, mbyrne said:

Only thing I will complain (because I am like that) is that I wanted at least one more project lesson :)


Maybe there will be a few Bonus Lessons in the future. :wackywink:

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12 minutes ago, Jimh said:

Maybe there will be a few Bonus Lessons in the future. :wackywink:


You spoiled the surprise. Yes, I plan to do that so there is an extra value for customers just as we had it in VP days :)

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I registered just to comment this excellent product. It was recommended to me by coworker. Presenter is clearly very capable and with excellent understandable English although you can say he is not native English speaker. Video is crisp, easily readable, audio is clear, with surprisingly pleasant tone of voice.  There is no stuttering, manic mouse movements, breaking of pace or similar problems you can find even in high quality training for other software which personally ruins it for me.. For example, there are highly praised videos from Oscar Dahlen for Houdini but this kind of series puts it to shame. Fields are explained very well and they are really a game changer for Cinema. Highly recommended!




Are you familiar with Houdini? If you know your way around it I can assure you that there is a lot of people who would be willing to pay top price for such quality content. Please contact me via messenger (I am unable to send messages to administrators?)




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Hi and :welcome: to the Cafe


Thanks for taking the time to review and post - much appreciated!


Re Houdini: I am familiar with Houdini but not as proficient in it as in C4D, and sorry to disappoint you, I don't plan any Houdini tutorials...

Regarding admin pm, there is min post count that has to be reached to allow this (due to spam) - I manually enabled this for you so you can do it now :)

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Hi there,


I've just purchased the course and the transaction went through (I received the confirmation email),


However, I cannot find a way to download the tutorial files anywhere...?  can someone please help? - Many thanks

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Folks, bonus lesson is in the works and will be available next week. For ones that are new to this concept, it simply means free additional lesson for this training which comes out periodically. This add extra value to training set :)

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13 minutes ago, Matthieu FREMEAUX said:

Instantly bought it since I bought the older VertexPusher training videos a long time ago and was in love with the whole series !
But, I'm new to the community and, I can't find any download link after the pruchase (via Paypal), how can I download/view the tutorials now please ?

Thanks for the nice words. Please check your email for Dropbox download link. :) 

U Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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