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Mat Stam

Cinema 4D/Redshift Grey/white texture

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I have recently taken the plunge into Redshift on Cinema 4D (I'm not sure if its related to the problem I am having here) and I have come across a problem that I am finding very little help for on the net.


The first picture is of a TV, it has a dark texture with a video to play on the black screen:




How ever when I open Redshift RenderView I see a texture-less model.




The Render to Picture Viewer in C4D also shows the same texture-less image.


render view.JPG


I have been trying to resolve this issue for a long time and I just can't seem to make any sense of the situation.


I am so eager to master this program but I am at a complete brick wall here.


This is also a video I am working on that has a TV with a short video playing while  a camera zooms in and then zooms out again. Something I'm working on for a quick video intro.

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First of all, it looks like you're just using standard C4D materials.  You need to create Redshift materials.  You might also have accidentally enabled "Material Override" which replaces all materials with a blank white.  See my screenshot for where to find this setting.
Liam Clisham has some great beginner Redshift tutorials on Youtube (Brograph).  You should check it out.  RS has a bit of a learning curve, but you'll get it eventually.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 5.13.10 PM.jpg

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forgot the attachment!

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  • Excellent this must be my problem. I'll be able to verify later on tonight (in 8 hours). Thank you so much for the reply Natevplas.

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