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Completely connecting layers!

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HI there, 


I'm still pretty new and have what is probably a simple question for experienced users... but I can't find the solution maybe because I'm using the wrong words.


Anyway, how can i totally smoothly make two objects into one!? I'm using Sketch and Toon, and whatever methods I try they still get outlined as separate objects even though they overlap and are on the exact same plane...


Let's say for instance, I make an extruded letter 'l' with no bevels, duplicate it and rotate it on the z axis 90 degrees, so it's now a cross... then I want this cross to become a single object with one outline. I've tried connect objects, optimise, melt, etc...


Any help greatly appreciated!





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Sketch and Toon can be pretty complex, and generally you need to create separate materials for hidden and non hidden lines and use "project" for the settings. You might want to watch:


But the easiest way to do what you are wanting to do is to use a boole. Generally that is not recommended for complex models, but would work fine for S&T. See example:



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I should have mentioned that since you are using text, a more elegant solution is to select the two text spines and use "spline union". It will have better geometry.




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